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Why we show everybody's videos

As you may or may not know, when you view a brand's thread on Stitcht, you'll see videos uploaded by other people as well as your own. Why? Because adding to a Stitcht thread is about being part of a community and a conversation. You as the consumer gets just as much value in hearing everyone else's views and experiences, as the brand does.

Click on the image of a live BodyFast thread to see the replies they're receiving from members of their community.

Realistic life

We have some video replies from consumers being recorded from bed, from the kitchen (as it's the only place they can hide from their kids), and even from work. So, as a member of a brand's community, it shows you other ordinary, day-to-day people like yourself (who also love the brand like you do). It also helps to encourage you to add a video yourself, if you see others in similar situations and scenes as you who you can relate to.

Real racial portrayals

Representation of every face on any type of media is important also in terms of race, as it can impact how we view certain racial groups. After all, 'audiences substitute stereotypes they see on screen for reality when they have not had any direct interactions with particular racial groups.' (Forbes, 'Why Is Equal Representation In Media Important?' May, 2019).

With a lack of the world's true representation in media, like the world we live in, we are diverse and it's incredibly powerful showing how diverse the community in a brand is. We find you're more likely to contribute to a conversation when you see honest people representative of the world around you.

Social Proof

It's a very human feeling to not want to be the first one to jump on the dance floor, raise a question in class or kick off a conversation in a group... but once someone does, you're happy to join in. The same works on a thread. By showing everyone the video replies we've had so far, you as the viewer is getting inspiration and encouragement to add your own video reply. We call this social proof and it's one of the fundamental things that helps our threads get replies.

If you'd like us to help you to engage your community into a conversation then book a call with us here

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