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Why do we do intro videos?

The essence of Stitcht is making your brand human. Simply posting out surveys, polls and questions on online channels lacks emotive triggers and doesn't show off the fact that ultimately behind your brand are amazing people who make it what it is.

Whenever we ask the public and your community to engage with your brand by sharing their views or experiences, we do so with a intro video to the thread from someone who represents your brand. This provides a human to human connection and treats the exchange as a conversation rather than a transaction.


UGC for any brand is exactly the same. If you want real content at your disposal, you have to give your consumers real content to work with. Allie from Fastic does an incredible job of introducing the questions they want their community of users to respond to and delivering it in a warm and human way. Check out this thread to see for yourselves. There's no better way to encourage others to open up to you, than humanising your brand and bringing your people to the forefront. The quality and honesty in the replies speaks for itself.

Ultimately, this approach is all about reliability. Show the face of one of your team members on a video and bam - you'll get more people replying simply because a human face is more relatable than something like a Facebook post. This is at the centre of many successful marketing advertisements and campaigns - a human face one can see and instantly spark up a connection with.


We've all been in that situation where something you sent on a message is misinterpreted or the tone is completely lost on the reader. The same can be said for why we do intro videos. As a brand you can convey so much more through a human voice and face. The tone of voice, the friendly expression and also the fact that the spoken word is easier to take in than reading posts. All these things combined allow you as a brand to better express yourself to your community, and in doing so provides a better opportunity for them to connect and increases the likelihood of a reply.

Our ethos

And this is why we do intro videos recorded by the company's employees. Brands come to us not just to get UGC and be done with it. They come to us to find or exaggerate that connection they have with their community. Putting a real person's face as the face of the brand asking the questions, and instantly a consumer can relate. Instantly, they are having a chat with the brand as if they were their friend.

That's all we want for all of you who come to us- to form genuine interactions with your audience, and not fake ones.

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