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What Are Threads?

If you are launching a 'thread' with us and are unsure what exactly it entails, don't panic! We've created this short guide to explain to you what they are and how they work.

What are threads?

Firstly, a thread is series of answers that users upload in reply to a question that you ask. We host a thread for your brand on our platform and provide you with a unique URL to your thread that you can share with your community in different ways. We also help you define this promotion strategy of sharing the thread link when you work with us.

When you share a thread to your community, they will be navigated to our platform to see your thread. Here's an example one from a recent thread by our client Dogo

What's the purpose of a Stitcht Intro to the thread?

The Stitcht intro video is one of the most important aspects of the thread and will feature a member of your team or representative introducing the brand and asking the community to respond in answer to a question they ask. Intro videos are a great way to humanise your brand, and put a face to it. If your users see a real person asking a question, they are more likely to respond. This helps to engage your community to interact and treats the thread more like a conversation than a UGC transaction.

In Dogo's case, the intro video is recorded by the co-founder, who explains that the app 'would love to see more videos of you doing tricks and talents with your dog, especially those that you learnt with the help of Dogo...'.

When creating an intro video think about the audience you're talking to and what plus who might best be the person to speak to them. Keep the video short 10-20 seconds is ideal and keep a friendly and open tone. You'll be surprised that generally punchy, short, snappy and high energy videos don't always resonate as well - it's certainly not the way you'd start a conversation!

The Stitcht Timeline

We cover this in more detail on our 'Why we show everybody's videos' blog, but the short answer is we want your thread to be a conversation between you and your community. This is a much more human and authentic way to interact with your users and increases the likelihood of them wanting to engage with you.

By showing everyone else's videos we are also allowing your users to see other people from the community and hear their views, which will encourage them to reply and join the conversation. The timeline also adds a degree of social proof. People never want to be the first to do something and feel more confident seeing others add videos and also being inspire by the responses they can watch.

Brands always feedback the huge value they receive from seeing and hearing who their audience is and scrolling up and down the timeline watching people's videos is very emotive for the brands we work with.

How do my user's upload to a thread?

Once you click on a thread, look to the side of your screen where the user replies are. At the top of this row you will find the upload button, looking like this:

Click on it and it will send, allowing you to choose and upload a video or create one from the camera. Being web based our platform will adapt to any browser or device and use the native upload function that it has. Then, you simply have to fill out your name, email, and social handles if you wish, and upload your video. This is what will be displayed for you to fill out:

The great thing about this approach is that those people in your community uploading to the thread don't need to download any software or create any accounts to reply to you. We've developed this using a user centred approach to create as few barriers to engage as possible and the results show its works.

Once you have hit upload, your video will then be displayed at the end of the row of videos for everyone who has access to the thread to see.

Create a thread for your brand

If you'd like to find out more about how we can design threads for you to start a conversation with your community and generate fabulously authentic user generated content feel free to book a demo in with us asap!

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