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Welcome... To The Great Stitcht Bake-off

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Whether we’ve actually sat down and watched it or not, bake-off is a massive thing across the UK, and, damn, are people talking about it! Across the country people are sitting down with their cups of tea to just watch the drama unfold.

We hear people screaming down the phone:“Marjorie, well, have you ever seen such an awful upside-down cake?” And, of course, we all have our favourites from the start which we share in our living rooms. There always is just one odd ball (in this season, sorry Linda, it’s you) that sparks a few dodgy looks around as we lower our cups of tea.

But, what bake-off set out to achieve was this type of all-inclusive communication. There really is something so homely and warm and family-orientated about baking. Just like the smell of bread when you come home after a long days work…

With this community feel being so in line with our own ethos, and in the spirit of the show’s new series commencing, Stitcht have launched its very own ‘The Great Stitcht Bake-off’. Here, you can have a shot at showing your baking talents in this wonderful, inclusive, fantastic world of baking.

Whether it be cakes, pastries, or anything else you have up your sleeve, click on our baking reel and add your own with the plus button on the bottom of the screen! All soggy bottoms are welcome.

In our particular format, we are giving out our very own Paul Hollywood style handshake (although a less over-used version) in the weekly star baker award. All you’ve got to do is receive the most likes on your video (which, if you’re extra cheeky, you could easily attain if you get all your family to like it).

I’m not quite sure what you’re still doing here, we’ve literally started it off for you. So, come and show us what you’ve got and participate in #TheGreatStitchtBakeoff and help us #getreel.

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1 Comment

Addie French
Addie French
Sep 04, 2021

Nice post thanks for sharring

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