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The End of The Great Stitcht Bake-Off!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

As our wonderful Stitcht Bake-off comes to a close, it’s time we looked back at all of the bakes people have been submitted in the competition.

Jumping straight into week one, with cake week, Jas was the first to submit, making the classic yet always-a-crowd-pleaser chocolate chip muffins. Next came Fay with her ambitious Swiss roll, with a questionable amount of bumps and a very worryingly runny consistency- despite the ‘few wrinkles’ on top, though, it ‘didn’t turn out too bad’. Gemma then made an apple cake, sampled by her Dad, who, with half of it dangling out of his mouth, assured us of its excellent ‘texture’. Also using apples, Mia made a ‘pretty decent’ apple crumble, Fiona a banana loaf (we loved the addition of the dog), with Josh playing his ‘we come from a line of master bakers’ card, claiming to use his ‘half Dutch’ heritage to make a rather sad looking windmill cake. At least the mill turned, though- good effort Josh!

Next came biscuit week, where Georgia showed off her lemon, courgette, and walnut cake, decorated exquisitely with an equally exquisite ‘nice and moist’ texture. Mia followed this impossible to beat cake with her basic yet wonderful chocolate chip cookies. Half way through, though, her mixture congregated on her spatula, as she looked worryingly at the camera (that really filled the viewers with confidence in your baking abilities, Mia). After asking someone in the background ‘is cookie dough normally thick’, her expertise did not fail us, just as we predicted, as she produced gooey looking cookies fit for royalty.

On the 13th of October, Lucy kick-started the reel with her plump, oozy Victoria sponge, Fay, her ‘I’m-just-a-bit-sick-of-sweet-stuff-at-the-moment’ savoury muffins, going rather rogue with her addition of cheese, because, well, ‘when is cheese ever a bad idea?’

With Amber showing us her rather worrying amount of alcohol in her fridge, the week after show-cased her ‘super gooey… super delicious’ chocolate chip cookies, with Fay copying and baking cookie bars with an equally worrying amount of sugar and ‘lots of chocolate’…

A lemon drizzle loaf was featured next, which this particular baker chose because she thought it would be easy- not quite the spirit we were after.

The week following was Halloween week, though, with Mia showing us her baking talents once again with her spooky ghost brownies. However, her ‘family submission’ failed her, as it brought down the overall quality of the bake. Josh came next with festive pumpkin pie, with nutmeg and cinnamon. However, where was the rest of the pie, josh?

To follow, on the 10th November, Mia showed us her rather posh and fancy looking pasty, not quite in the Cornish way but equally as yummy. Liv then did the standard brownies, but with a chunky twist. We have to say, both looked very tempting.

Fitting to the overall wholesomeness of baking, Amber made her grandpa his favourite- apple and blackberry pie. We hope he loved it as much as we loved the sentiment, Amber. So cute.

And, lastly, in the spirit of all things Christmas, the last week of the great Stitcht bake-off was festive themed, with Fay making her red velvet cake, never knowing when to stop with the food colouring (the more the better, right Fay?), Lucy with her lattice pies and ornate addition of pastry leaves, and Amber with her wonderfully classic Christmas puddings, leaving us slightly on edge as she apologises for fingering her pudding.

Overall, the Great Stitcht Bake-off brought us exactly the right amount of mistakes, slip-ups, and festive-themed fun that we expected. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, right guys? Join in on the fun, and don’t forget to, of course, #bereel.

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