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Fastic Intermittent Fasting App

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Letting your community speak for itself

We're incredibly proud of our recent partnership with Fastic, an intermittent fasting app that launched in 2019. They regularly receive amazing stories from users in their closed social platform groups sharing hugely positive experiences from intermittent fasting, but these sit out of sight from people who may be exploring whether intermittent fasting is right for them. It was important to the Fastic team that anyone deciding whether to use the Fastic app and start intermittent fasting was fully aware of all the wider benefits that people can achieve, rather than getting caught up in common misconceptions. What better way to do this than to let your community speak for itself.

Looking across Fastic's existing social channels we could see the wealth of positive UGC stories, but we knew that engaging their audience to speak with the brand would deliver stories hugely honest, emotive, demonstrate the diversity of their community and would really reflect the truth about intermittent fasting. We wanted to turn their great UGC into amazing UGV!

"For many brands, UGC is such a huge've made something so hard, so easy" Fastic

Image by @fastic/ Instagram

Kicking off the conversation on Stitcht

So, how did we help? Firstly, we started by holding many calls with Fastic, having the singular aim of getting to know their brand. We gained valuable insight into their audience and, from here, came up with an engagement strategy that would best suit them and their community.

We learned about who they are and how they want to speak to the world.

Taking on board everything we'd learned about Fastic, we thought of topics to raise with their users that would kick off a conversation and generate the sharing of great experiences and opinions that existed in their community. Over the course of three Stitcht threads we saw the community come to life!! We were all amazed and emotional over the incredible responses received to the topics Fastic raised. Fastic had spoken to their community and they spoke back!

Bringing the #FasticFamily to life

The first thread we launched gained a total of 77 replies - this might sound low if you're thinking of whimsical likes, but think about it, 77 people listened to Fastic and took the time to record a very personal and genuine reply to their question - Tell us your expectations vs. reality when it comes to Intermittent Fasting. UPDATE: since writing this article a thread has now reached over 460 videos. That's real people taking the time to reply to a thread with a video - great engagement!

Not only did we learn all about people's experiences but more importantly we gave them a platform to tell their own stories and we brought the community to life. Seeing the broad mix of gender, age, race, and nationality was deeply moving and shows the world that anyone can do intermittent fasting. It also made the 15 million users of the app feel that much closer and more real! Fastic use the hashtag #fasticfamily with their users and we certainly felt that family feel through the threads.

Learning about the #FasticFamily

It's still early days at Stitcht for data analytics but throughout the course of the three thread campaign, we were able to learn about who the highly engaged Fastic community was. We could see which users were most responsive to the brand; which genders were most active; which mobile platforms were most widely used; and which locations around the world had the most engagement. We were able to generate these insights across all three threads as well as at an individual thread level.

We didn't want to share these insights in a spooky, 'Instagram is listening' kind of way. But it is great for Fastic to learn more about their community and merge it with the things they hear from their users to gain a richer picture and adapt their service where and if necessary.

Image by janjf93 from Pixabay

Overall, Fastic have received nearly 600 video replies across three threads and have kicked off a journey talking with their audience that we're happy to be supporting for the foreseeable future.

"Working with Stitcht has completely changed the UGC game for us. Whereas before we struggled to really utilize the power of our community, with Stitcht we’re able to present an easy and accessible way for the Fastic Family to interact with us." Fastic

It has been an absolute blast working with the Fastic team and we've all learned a lot along the way. So much so, that our very own Chief Design Officer Mia and her family have taken up intermittent fasting. Now that's a successful UGV campaign!

To witness Fastic's success, click here to view one of their threads.

To find out more about how Stitcht can help your brand give your community a voice, check out our website and request a demo.

Learn more about Fastic below and by visiting their website

Who are Fastic?

On the surface, it is an app guiding you through intermittent fasting and weight loss (and that’s already pretty great, right?). But, under all that, it also promotes health. It promotes confidence, community, and compassion. It’s about so much more than weight loss.

The app guides you through the intermittent fasting process, along with a community of people going through the same motions, to help your overall health. The focus is on the lifestyle of intermittent fasting rather than the weight-loss element of it. This focus is mainly because there are so many benefits to fasting which are getting lost in the process, which Fastic wishes to re-place in the spotlight.


Phillip Wayman and Sebastian Wettcke co-founded Fastic. Phillip’s drive in creating this app was to restore the balance in our world and within our own bodies. Considering that 800 million people go hungry and 2.8 billion are overweight, he wished to reconnect us all with our bodies and increase our mindfulness when it comes to food consumption. In turn, Phillip hopes that we make mindful choices with food that only make us happier, healthier individuals.

In 2019, Fastic was born. Users joined. Now, Fastic is active in 50 countries, helping millions and millions of people.

The Experts

On the Fastic team are Doctors Stephanie Estima and Doctor Mario Ost. For Stephanie, an interest in female physiology has fuelled her career. She has always wanted to help women understand their bodies and regulate themselves. Here is what she has to say about her relationship with fasting:

To me, fasting is a powerful tool for self-actualization and physiological optimization. When a woman understands how to fast in a way that supports her body throughout her life, as she ebbs and flows through her ever-changing hormonal milieu, fasting can provide a means to heal her gut, promote a healthy brain again, break free of the psychological warfare of the food industry, and most importantly, deepen her relationship with herself."

An expert in mitochondria, Mario specializes in the energy balance in the cells during fasting and exercise. Henceforth, his expertise led him to Fastic intending to"design and communicate concepts for sustainable and healthy diets of the future, keeping in mind that there is neither a “planet B,” nor a “body B.”’

A whole team surrounds and supports both Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Mario. On the Fastic team are top nutritionists (Di Janet Brill, Sarah Wander, Lisa Booth, and Caroline Peyton), Personal trainers, psychologists, and eating experts. Together, they help advise and coach each user to maintaining a healthy balance in their bodies.

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