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Dogo are a dog training app looking to motivate and educate dog owners to better train their dogs. What is more, they are wanting to achieve their mission of building stronger relationships between human and pet.

Their problem

They wanted to gain valuable, real videos of owners using the Dogo app to successfully train their dog, so users could see it for the small, caring company that it is. They acknowledge that dog training can be hard, but they wanted to convey this mundane difficulty experienced by many as shared. Henceforth, Dogo wanted their social media and website to portray this, by using real users training their dog and not fake UGC.

How Stitcht helped

Stitcht held an introductory meeting and a workshop with Dogo, to really get to know their brand messages and what makes them tick. We assembled their business goals, as well as gather intel about their tone of voice as a brand and typical audience demographic.

After this, we came back to them with an engagement strategy for a thread, based on the things we learnt in the workshop. Together, we devised the copy for the social media posts as well as the wording of the thread, and it was launched for their community to see.

The result

Dogo received videos showcasing 30 different tricks learnt on Dogo, all forming fantastic content for their social media channels and website. What we were also able to help them gain was a 30% better cost per download from a UGC video, making it 30% better than their best ever creative. As a direct result, Dogo are now more believable as an app, trusted to deliver the service they advertise, as well as being highly cost effective.

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