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Drive growth with fans.

The Fan-Generated Content Era 

Nobody represents your brand better, than the people who already love it - your fans!  

We design custom activations that provoke your fans to share videos, which we turn into relatable fan based content

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Fans say things marketers never think of.

Fans are your best asset.

Fan-Generated Content is about sourcing content from your best customers - fans - then featuring them in your digital channels to build greater trust and acquisition through authenticity.

Stitcht are the experts at understanding how to activate fans to provide video content and turning it into high performing digital assets.

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Plug and play FGC into your strategy.


1. Design activation

We'll design questions & topics that will result in videos from fans that reinforce brand or campaign messaging.


2. Source replies

We promote the fan activation through your digital and physical touch points with your customers.


3. Publish content

We moderate and curate the best fan videos, turning them into marketing assets to drive growth in your channels.

Make creators of your fanbase.

Unleash the creativity of your fans.

Emotive and relatable brand storytelling videos centred around your fans that drive organic traffic, push performance, retention or CRO growth.

Fans represent the natural diversity of a brand's community.

How we can help.


Leverage the trusted power of your brand fans to increase customer acquisition and conversion.


Harness your fanbase to generate emotive campaign content that drives greater engagement and brand awareness.


Connect brand sponsors and partners to your fanbase in authentic ways that show value through reach and engagement.

Why working with your fans makes sense.

Working with creators

❌  Can feel staged and inauthentic

❌  Limited brand knowledge

❌  Requires distributing product

❌  Finding creators that 'fit'

❌  Scaling is expensive

Working with your fans

✅  Hyper authentic and genuine stories

✅  Unique perspectives and relatable 

✅  Effortlessly scalable

✅  Builds rapport and community

✅  Generates valuable insights

Ordinary people trust real fans.

John Mulvey from Flora
John Mulvey
Flora Logo

“Stitcht raised the bar when it came to delivering digital marketing for Flora."

"Stitcht raised the bar when it came to delivering digital marketing for Flora. Not only did they successfully activate the public to engage in our campaign, but they were also fast, responsive and quick to test, learn and adapt, based on what was working. They brought new ideas to our digital marketing and we revived our Twitter account on their recommendation. They embedded in our team successfully and had direct access to manage our social channels during the campaign. Through this, they delivered organic social posts and community management, which further amplified the campaign message and increased engagement. For these reasons and more we'd happily work with Stitcht again."

Let's talk.

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