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Beirut, We Love You

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Ishaaq Shafi’s message is clear, and it’s an important one. So, we’re going to help share it. Like many of us, as soon as Ishaaq saw the explosion in Beirut on the news, he wanted to do something impactful and immediate to help.

With people being more inclined to resonate with a conversation, he vowed to start one up, using us. He wanted to collect as many messages as he could to show support for the people of Beirut, aiming to create the feeling of calling a friend, and offer that same warmth as picking up the phone and hearing ‘I hope you’re ok’.

Collaborating with Ahla Fawda and Art of Change, he has been able to collect over 200 messages which are being projected on the An Nahar Building, Martyr’s Square, Beirut, who are also livestreaming it on their channels. Commencing at 6:07 on the 4th of October, at exactly the time of the explosion two months prior, will be hundreds of your heart-warming messages shown directly to the people in need. Continuing until the final show on the 7th of October, the presentation will start to introduce how you can keep this community going.

Although it’s too late to contribute to these wonderful presentations, you can be a part of this massive community all coming together to help, perhaps in a more direct and permanent way.

This wonderful project’s final stop is with us, Stitcht, who can carry on this important legacy so Beirut is not forgotten by the next news headline.

We can have a welcoming place for the thousands of you who, like Ishaaq, wanted to ring up the people ofBeirut and say that you hope they are okay. Use Sticht to upload a message of support to a person who needs it, and, we promise, someone is receiving them at the other end with so much gratefulness. Another promise before you go: we’re in this together. #Beruitweloveyou and #bereel.

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