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The Value of Stitcht: how we are more than just UGC collection

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

If you're sat on the fence about booking in for a demo, this article is for you. Unlike any other user-generated content (UGC) collection site out there, we offer a managed service. This is essentially a whole process from start to finish, delving deep into your brand's values and underpinning messages to shape a tailored campaign aimed at collecting UGC. But that's just it- we're not just about collecting UGC. We're about so much more and, with us, you can achieve maximum brand awareness and success. Have a look at the points below which outline just a fraction of the extra things we help you with.

Getting to know your brand

To start, we run what we like to call a Stitcht 'Getting to know your brand' workshop in which we get under the hood of your brand starting with understanding your key messages. This basically means we ask you lots of questions about who you are and what you stand for, and give you the space and time to let us know everything you wish. We just want to gather an understanding of what your brand is about, whether it be improving people's lives in some way or making a process easier. This can often be an awakening process for many brands, especially if they haven't yet planned this out. In this case, we work together to get to the core of what you do and the reasons you do it.

Image from our 'Stitcht Workshop' Miro board

You can think of it as a storyboarding process, as indeed it is like writing a story. And, as novelists well know, to write a story is to consider it's characters (in this case, the components of the brand) in such depth that they would be able to tell you how they sound, what they would say, what they would look like, and how they would interact if you were to encounter them on the street. In the case of the brand, this process should yield an image of the brand if it were a person. And we help you understand everything there is to know about them.

Along this same vein, we go through your brand's goals, motivations and deepest desires. Just like a person has them, a brand does, too. What are your wishes for the brand? Do you want more app downloads or to develop into different countries? These are things which we cover in the workshop that help you gain a deeper understanding of your brand. And a deeper understanding can only lead to better engagement with your audience and more fitting goals.

Designing the right topics and questions

All of this activity helps us to identify key content pillars from which we design topics and questions to ask your audience that will yield the most authentic content that meets your key messages.

A recent brand who took part in one of our workshops wishes to demonstrate the diversity of their audience. They were traditionally popular with white middle class families, but they work hard to be all inclusive and have gained success with this. Knowing this we then created a content pillar called 'Representing me' and then designed questions related to this content pillar so that the video replies we receive align to a key message the brand wants to promote.

We also ensure that we have a very clear understanding of the personas and types of customer that make up a brands audience - both target and existing customer base. This helps up to also design topics and questions that will best resonate with the user and encourage them to reply.

As you can see, we don't just go with the 'Ask them and they shall reply' approach. We have a strategic and well considered approach to designing the questions and topics that we asks a brand's community to respond to.

The social engagement

Another benefit of choosing us over a UGC collection site is our social engagement. We actually draft out posts that you can upload to your chosen and most engaged social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. To do this, we work closely with your brand tone of voice guidelines and look into your existing social media posts to make sure they align. The benefit of doing this is, of course, to take the work off your hands as much as we can, making the money you pay that little bit more worth it.

Image by @epicantus/ Unsplash

What we also offer is a social engagement bolt-on. This entails gaining access to your social media and messaging your most engaged users to let them know about the thread you've launched. We always pay particular attention to the wording, as we want to help humanise your brand and not sell a pitch. In doing this, we can ensure all of your most engaged users are targeted, ensuring the maximum amount of videos replies. But the added extra with this, is that we have the time and resources to help with the perception of the brand on social media.

The continued relationship

Lastly, we don't just set up the thread and leave you to it! One of the things we've often been commended for is our enthusiasm for the brands we are working with and their progress. We're a close-knit business, and so we personally feel every little victory for the brands. That's why we set up a Slack Connect channel to instant message on, with updates of new submissions and information.

And, as the thread draws to a close, we never want to just cut you out! We first insist on a debrief call to discuss the thread and welcome any feedback to help us improve our process in the future. We also share statistical information to you about how many people visited the thread and at what times, so that you can gain a better understanding of which social media posts generated the most clicks to the thread.

An image taken from a debrief call with one of our clients, Fastic

All of this is set up so that you can get quality and authentic UGC that will yield results when shared and so we can help you to better understand your brand for the future. That is why we are more than just UGC collection- we put our heart and soul into the service we provide, and that adds something you won't often find elsewhere.

If you want to start the process with Stitcht, get in touch for a demo today.

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