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How to engage audiences and source authentic UGC through community conversation 

How to engage audiences and source user-generated content through community conversation

UGC Stack

An eBook for engaging audiences and sourcing user-generated content through community conversation

At Stitcht we focus on building a human relationship between a brand and its consumers.  This eBook outlines our method for using a conversation-based approach to build greater community engagement and generate authentic user-generated content.

What's included

This eBook will give you a framework (we call the UGC Stack) to design and start conversations with your community that result in better engagement and authentic user-generated content. In the eBook, we break down each component part of the UGC Stack with helpful examples from our client base. We also provide a free tool to design conversations with your community that we use with our clients.

The Stitcht User-Generated Content Stack, a framework that helps take you through the steps to engage your audience through community conversation
Miro Template

Bonus material

As part of this eBook, we are giving you a copy of our free Miro template, called 'UGC Stack Canvas'. Access to this will be sent to you when you download the eBook today!

Backed by data

At Stitcht we've been running this strategy with a variety of clients.  From apps to household Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands, we've seen repeated success with this strategy.  

Having authentic video content from a brand's fanbase has been shown to increase engagement, decrease customer acquisition costs and improve return on ad spend.

Our UGC Stack shares the strategy we employ for our clients to achieve these results.  Although we have our own platform we use to converse with a brand's community, this stack works equally well on other platforms and social channels.  


Good luck!

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