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Sports Traider

Sports traider dedicate their time to ensuring the gap between deprived areas and high prospects is as small as possible, through introducing employment and increased sports participation to areas that need it the most. For a truly admiral cause, Sports Traider wanted to brand out on their social media and spread awareness of their charity.

What they needed

Having a modest following, the charity used their social media for promoting their campaigns and case studies in order to gain traction and be more widely known. They needed content generated by their audience to give real life examples of how the charity has helped them, in order to get their message out there.

Lance, the founder of Sports Traider, reached out to Stitcht in order to gain this much desired UGC. Instantly, we were thrilled at the prospect of working with such an inspiring charity, and developed an engagement strategy for two threads which would work well for the brand.

What we did

Knowing well the goals of the charity, it’s tone of voice, and what their audience currently best responded to, we guided them in the creation of a Stitcht thread started by Lance, so his community could see the man behind the mission.

Tailoring to their campaign ‘jump for health’, the first thread gained 45 videos of the Sports Traider community joining in on the challenge. Each video featured a member of the public skipping to help their mental health, visibly giving Sports Traider the social proof that they needed to show how exercise can help one’s mental health.

Using this challenge to further promote Sports Traider meant it raised awareness of the charity. Because of this, Sports Traider can go on to help other communities in need of sports equipment, or other young people in need of employment. This campaign and it’s videos ensured that Sports Traider was more widely known, to better help those communities in need.

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