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Updated: Apr 29

We have worked with such a variety of brands, from apps that help with fasting, relationship, dog training to online travel agents and consumer goods. What's great about everything we've asked each brand's community, is that they are all crafted to generate a particular type of answer. The thing is, every brand has all sorts of different goals they want to achieve, as no business has the same targets. So, creating different questions framed around different brand messages and goals is the focal point of what we do.

This disparity between outcomes was definitely the case for two clients of ours, Lollipop and Paired. A little bit about them both; Lollipop is an online shopping and meal planning app, whilst Paired is a relationship app aimed at bringing couples closer together. Lollipop came to us aiming for community communication, really creating conversations and collecting content which demonstrates the friendly, people-based feel of their app to celebrate their 100k member milestone.

Reflecting on this, we framed a relatively broad question, in order to get varied and honest customer stories. By asking the Lollipop community what they loved about Lollipop, members jumped on and talked about a range of things including how the recipes on the app opened them up to lots more types of food and flavours to cook. What was great about this content was that several of them were cooking whilst chatting, so we had members using the recipes in real time as well as naming the tasty recipes that could be used in a piece of creative to promote the things people can cook if you sign up. On top of this, what it opened up was general conversation about the premise of the app, and how it eases their daily lives in terms of cooking and shopping. What we could do with this content is create a piece of content that tells the Lollipop story from the perspective of the real customers. It demonstrated how Lollipop eases the weekly shop for its' users, as well as representing the personable feel of their services.

In contrast, Paired wanted their community to engage. They wanted to ask some questions that would grab their audience's attention, getting them involved in the app and making them feel valued as a result. To achieve this, we decided to ask their followers what their best, funniest, or most annoying pet peeves were in a relationship, to start off with a lighthearted, relatable and easily answered prompt. What Paired also mentioned to us in working together, was the amount of success stories that have been made aware of from customers using their app. We really wanted to hone in on this and gather these stories as videos, so we next posed the question: 'How has Paired helped you and your partner?'. Through this, we gathered so many inspiring stories about how couples have strengthened their relationship leaps and bounds through using the daily questions or activity packs in the app.

To further draw on the fact that Paired can be used for the ordinary relationship that isn't struggling or in crisis, we framed a question around the most surprising thing you've learnt about your partner on the app. This way, we got so much more content about the little facts they've found out about their partner, that could be used to promote the versatility of the app. The last important factor to remember was they Paired's community love the more daring questions, typically getting so much more engagement on social media. Henceforth, we wanted to open this side of the community up and get them talking in a debate, by asking if they considered flirting as cheating. This got so many Paired members involved, and reinforced the fun, playful tone that Paired swear by.

No matter your business, book in a call with us to talk about how to incorporate UGC into your strategy.

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