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Jump4Health with Sports Traider

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

It's official... Stitcht has partnered with the charity Sports Traider in their global campaign, #jump4Health.

Kicked off by the charity's founder, Lance Haggith, he asks people around the world to join to skip, nominate and donate in order to raise awareness of the decline in mental health during the pandemic. He started the challenge on National Skipping Day, which was on Friday 23rd April.

The idea behind the campaign is to tackle mental health with sports. Lance explains exactly what is behind his campaign:

“In the last 13 months, we have seen a dramatic increase in young children, and also parents and guardians, who have been struggling to cope during the lockdown. Skipping not only helps with fitness levels but also we have seen for ourselves the impact it can have on a person’s mental health.”

In order to drive awareness and increase participation in the campaign, Sports Traider need people to share their videos of them taking part in the challenge which they then repost across their social platforms. Lance and his team were having problems managing all of the videos as they were across multiple platforms. So they've chosen Stitcht to streamline the crowdsourcing of these videos into one channel that they can repost to all of their other platforms.

The campaign is gaining a huge amount support from the Jump Rope community and public alike. We've already had 60+ videos from people all around the world, with sporting legends and celebrities also taking part.

So, to join in, head to the reel on Stitcht to post a 20-second skipping video. And, if you want to help more, donate £5 by texting JUMP to 70460.

Here are some of the highlights so far...

About Sports Traider

The charity works directly with young people to offer employment opportunities and sports participation. The aim: to build up adolescent’s self-esteem; something which has been in decline in recent years and ESPECIALLY over the pandemic.

Aiming to positively improve young people’s mental and physical health (which, although often not thought, is so heavily symbiotic), the charity invests in sports participation projects with the funds raised.

But how did Sports Traider start? And who’s in charge? Lange Haggith founded the charity just over ten years ago, gaining traction through the volunteers working in their charity shops and supporting the community. He is a former BBC unsung hero who started the charity to continue his work.

This is a fantastic charity and campaign that we're incredibly proud to be a part of.

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