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Housemate Problems!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

#Housemates, who'd have them?! Well, it looks like most of us. And, with the intangible one-room flat prices, who can blame us?

In the form of family, new found uni family, or not-family-at-all-when-is-it-second-year flat mates, this ones for you.

So, starting at the start, leaving your home town sort of comes with a pre-requisite that you'll need to live with people you either don't know very well or have only known a short length of time- and it kinda sucks.

Living at #university, in the transition between the residential-like halls that you hardly remember stumbling back to for the year you were there, and second year, you sort of realise that your 'omg-forever-friends' (who you thought were you #lifelongbesties) are actually really really terrible to live with.

We all had that apparently-laid-back-chill-guy in number 102, who is actually an early riser. And, when we say early, we mean 05:00. It seems he is also an avid sailer, which he obviously mentioned approximately 105 trillion times with no follow through proof. No matter, because he personally took it upon himself to make sure we knew. In classic sailer style, second year yielded no consideration of other people's time schedules, and the unapologetic rustling up of 10-egg breakfast every #Sunday after you've been on a big, fat, VK-filled bender.

#Sleepdeprivation is something we can deal with, though. Caffeine-filled #librarysessions are what #students live for. But, #cleaning! That's another story, and one we can all relate to. I won't say much more about this, as that's what our reel is for! We've got Lucy kick-starting it with with her housemate who leaves full plates of food in the sink, can you beat that? Hmm, bet you can't...

#awks if you're the actual problem, though, and even more awks if you know it. Come and admit defeat and laugh about it on the reel where everything goes. Don't worry, we won't call the hall-check staff. You can #bereel with Stitcht. We promise.

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