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Flora 'Be a Natural' UGC Campaign

For those of you who aren't aware, Flora have recently launched their new 'Be a Natural' campaign. The campaign draws focus to the 100% natural ingredients in their spread, appealing to their community that nature is best. In the spirit of this, Flora are celebrating people's natural talents, and so their corresponding advertisements feature kitchen themed tricks performed by everyday, ordinary people.

Why Stitcht?

The typicality to which Flora rely on in their campaign is what drew them to partnering with Stitcht. As you know, at our core lies a craving for genuine, real interactions between brands and their community. Having a proven track record of achieving this, Flora reached out to see if we could spark a conversation.

After a deep dive into Flora's ambitions and plans, Stitcht were fully briefed on the 'Be a Natural' campaign, and were ready to get the thread going. Together, we decided the name of the thread would be 'Show us your natural talents' and it was officially LAUNCHED on Monday 11th April.

The thread so far

Since then, we have received unique videos from the Flora community performing natural kitchen based trick shots, and we couldn't be more pleased. From crumpet flinging to hot cross bun flipping, the videos are all real people from their own kitchens at home, showing that natural is indeed best.

All of the people who uploaded a video fully embraced the challenge and drew deep into their natural talents. Not only this, but every user got creative with their submissions. To start with, we had a submission from a user named Anthony Lefley, who showed off his basketball spinning by opening a screw-top bottle of orange juice with the ball. Of course, his video ended with him balancing the spinning ball on the end of a knife used to butter a crumpet with Flora. Brilliant.

What we especially loved was the acceptance of failure that we all have when trying something slightly out there. With more than one user embracing the failed attempts involving splattered crumpets and disappointed faces, it made the contents of the thread even more resemblant of every day life.

Whats more, is the naturalness evidenced in the videos; from dressing gowns to full on sweats, it wasn't only the tricks that highlighted the 'Be a Natural' slogan.

The future

We will keep you updated on our thread's progress, and how the collected videos are going to be used in further campaigns with Flora.

For now, though, upload your attempt to join in with the celebration.

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