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BodyFast is a fasting app that acts as a personal companion to guide you through your journey of fasting, establishing healthy habits and personalised information tailored to you. BodyFast, like many other companies worldwide, struggled to produce UGC to post on their app and social media platforms.

What the needed help with

Typically gaining the most engagement, their limited success stories were getting the most traction on their feed, so they wanted more in order to engage more of their audience and draw in new potential users. Already having a following of 166k instagram followers, and 212.2k facebook followers, BodyFast wanted to give a chance for more of them to speak freely about their app, and utilise the following they already had in order to do this.

How Stitcht helped

Consequently, this is where Stitcht came in. With them, we developed an engagement strategy whereby we asked members of their community a question via our video platform. Sending this out over their social media, which already had a large following, enabled us to collect user generated videos of real people who were using the app, all talking about their individual biggest changes since using the app.

Collecting 15 videos all stating different and unique ways in which BodyFast has improved their life, the app now had lots of data to work with in order to promote this further on their social media. Over just two days, the company were in possession of evidence and social proof for other potential users that their app worked, was credible, and that people used it.

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