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Benefits of Employee Based Content

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The idea of employee-based content may seem like an easy way out to advertise your product or service. Surprisingly, it's a highly used and beneficial approach in many companies worldwide. But, how do you do it effectively?

Well, for starters, encourage your employees to post from their accounts. In doing this, they promote the service you provide as an outsider and an insider, meaning that integral trust in the brand can be gained. Also, if you encourage using a hashtag in these posts, all employee-based content can be easily accessed by your company should you need it.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Next up is choosing your employees wisely. First, of course, encourage all employees to post to that hashtag to promote the brand. Next, however, utilize those with good followings and a good overall presence on their social media. This will ensure the post's reach is good, and the target audience can be more effectively communicated. For instance, if you are a social media company, but your own social media presence is not young, social media-obsessed people, then look to your employees to see if anyone has a better pool of people who will buy into the service.

So, we know the value of UGC in selling a product or service, right? Well, there's an obscene amount of power in employees sharing their thoughts, too. Imagine this: you work for a large company and see other employees sharing their ideas online on their accounts. It will encourage other employees to do the same, just like UGC invites other users to invest in the service.

Share, share, share! Once you have all of this employee-based content, share it around, and use it in different ways! For example, make an Instagram post or a blog about how your employees use your service and their experiences with the brand. Get the word out there that your employees are using and enjoying what the brand has to offer.

In another way, share these people's stories! It is so integral during this process that you value those employees who are using your brand. Perhaps consider writing a blog post featuring the employees and interview them. Or, even better, share their post on your companies page to showcase the amazing people who work for you.

Stitcht has done this with its employees with great success. With a majoritively young employee base, we have been able to access our target audience more efficiently.

For more information about how we can help your brand utilize its assets, request a demo with us today.

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