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Let your  fans  
do the talking 

Are your leveraging the power of your brand's fanbase?  


Stitcht provokes your fans to share videos, that we turn into high performing digital marketing assets to drive growth across your funnel with Fan-Generated Content.

Drive growth with relatable fan based videos.

Fans reply on video to our fan activations, which we turn into high performing brand storytelling assets.

Up to x9 engagement

Videos from real fans of your brand are more relatable and deliver greater engagement.

50% increased Likes

Authentic and emotive content from real fans can be more liked than BAU content.

50% lower CPA

People connect with and relate to believable fan stories driving better leads and conversions.

All brands have fans, we work with...

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People trust real fans.

Supplement your brand and influencer marketing content with relatable Fan-Generated Content that people trust.

Let's talk and find out how we can connect you to your fanbase to source videos of fans sharing their stories with you, that you can share as true brand storytelling.

John Mulvey from Flora
John Mulvey
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“Stitcht raised the bar when it came to delivering digital marketing for Flora."

"Stitcht raised the bar when it came to delivering digital marketing for Flora. Not only did they successfully activate the public to engage in our campaign, but they were also fast, responsive and quick to test, learn and adapt, based on what was working. They brought new ideas to our digital marketing and we revived our Twitter account on their recommendation. They embedded in our team successfully and had direct access to manage our social channels during the campaign. Through this, they delivered organic social posts and community management, which further amplified the campaign message and increased engagement. For these reasons and more we'd happily work with Stitcht again."

Let's talk.

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