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We’re Doing Something: How Stitcht is Tackling Cyberbullying

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Recently, a survey showed us that 71% of its participants don’t feel like social platforms are doing enough to fight cyberbully. This fact saddens us. No, it angers us. As the very source of our mental health crisis, technology needs to take ownership. Social media needs to step up. Now.

Facebook and Instagram deal with cyberbullying reports with suspension from their app for a few days. But nothing is followed up. Nothing is taken from them, even compared to what they have robbed from their victims.

Victims behind the screen are real people. And these people are 1.9% more likely to commit suicide. The difference between the other social media giants and us is that we are doing something. And we’re doing something big.

Stitcht have created a place to transfer all your social media into one without anonymous comments and harassment. Genuine, actual interaction is what lies at the heart of what we do. With us, social media is about making friends, not gaining followers. Imagine having conversations with like-minded people every single day rather than scrolling through a feed looking at perfectly-toned bodies and beaches you can’t see.

We know that social media has got out of hand. The giants have taken from us what social media is about- connection. Stitcht connects people worldwide, all looking for face-to-face contact and a place actually to be yourself.

Even if you don’t necessarily want the entire world to know who you are, we’ve got you sorted. We haven’t forgotten that not everyone wants to broadcast their morning faces to the world just yet. Why don’t you start by sharing videos with your friends, starting up a private reel? No unknown follow requests, no dodgy people lurking behind the screen.

Because, as you know, once you unlock your phone screen, we are no longer safe. But, you are with Stitcht on your home screen. Taking you out of the familiar social media comfort zone, there are no comments, no potential harassment. There is only the potential to reply to someone’s reel with a video of yourself. Who would dare post abuse when anonymity isn't available?

You can use us for family catch-ups, friendly banter, all of the things you use every day but in one safe environment, more accurate than any other app can offer.

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