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The year of concept to clients

To say it's been a whirlwind of a year for Stitcht would be an understatement. The company has had such a transformation in every way possible, changing how we work as well as taking on our first and really exciting clients in the process. As the sun sets on 2021 we thought we’d reminisce on a few of the many achievements Stitcht have made this year, just in time for 2022 to commence.

A change of business model!

First of all, the start of the year saw us completely revamp our business model. Pivoting away from a consumer focussed asynchronous video conversation app, Stitcht is now a brand focussed app aiming to help businesses humanise their marketing - something which is hugely in demand at the moment with the rise of user generated videos and content being core to driving brand awareness and consumer engagement.

It is worth saying that it was always Stitcht's intention to have a B2B offering. We’ve simply switched our focus to brands earlier, as there was a greater need and a faster way to take out product to market. This strategy is already proving hugely rewarding, with new clients signing up every month And dnemonstrating strong market traction.

Gaining traction

That the STEM field exists in male abundance is additionally something we have been tackling this year in our communications with TXM. The initiative we’re collaborating with them on has been set up by two fathers to tackle the lack of knowledge given to girls in the STEM careers they can enter. We can't wait for what 2022 will hold when we launch their thread.

Current clients, however, comprise of a varied compilation- each as exciting as the next. We were first approached by a fasting app called Fastic, who wanted to spread the knowledge of fasting being about more than weight loss. To help them in their goal, and in targeting their clients in a more human way, we set up three threads for them, one receiving over 480 video replies. It was a huge success and saw them create socials ads that were their highest performing ever!

Photos of our communications with the Fastic team in 2021

Another client we’re really excited to work with is a van removal company called AnyVan (we said they were varied), who wanted to spread awareness of their brand and what they do for their community. Launching a thread this month inviting nominations for free moves they’ve seen some traction and we cannot wait for our continued relationship in 2022.

AnyVan's Stitcht thread

Something else we cannot wait for is more of the amazing revelations we have made during these relationships. The fasting thread revealed such a varied audience, including older women who are typically not targeted in such marketing campaigns. Breaking the mould of a good marketing video being short and punchy proves that it is the message that resonates over anything else. The authenticity is what needs to be right in a marketing campaign, making 2022 an even more exciting prospect for Stitcht and their future clients.

Team bonding!

Away from our clients, us as a team have grown stronger, too. Holding a weekend away in June, for some for us to meet for the very first time due to COVID, we embarked on a weekend-long workshop where we all voiced our hopes for the future of Stitcht. It really got our minds going about our shared vision that we have for the company. Following on from that, we were all keen to start networking and getting Stitcht out there, so hosted a Stitcht summer party in July. This was hosted in London, and we got to share our vision with so many other amazing companies interested in working with us. We all came away feeling hopeful for the future.

Overall, all of the efforts of 2021 have ensured that Stitcht is now generating revenue. And we couldn't be prouder. Every small gesture we have individually made towards reaching this point has mattered. From the graphic design work, the blogs, the networking and the Google Meets - we are here. Stitcht is ready for you. The question is, are you ready for us?

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