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The Timelessness of Halloween

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Spooky season is officially upon us. Personally, we can’t wait. As we all stock up our appropriately sized pumpkins, big or small, whatever floats your creative boat, and start hanging up the freaky cobwebbed décor, let’s talk about how Halloween is something which never quite grows old, no matter how old you may get…

Obviously, to start, Halloween freaks every child the out. Certainly, as children, we all remember walking around the dimly lit house around the end of October, scaring ourselves silly with mysterious shadows and luring monsters under our bed waiting to crawl out and touch our dangling toes.

For kids, Halloween taps into that deep routed love we all have for being scared.

And it only carries on from there. As we dressed up to go out, we all really did think we would bump into a real life haunted clown at the end of our road. Plans were made in school, and, as i

t grew darker outside, we would assemble our costumes, wait for the obligatory “Oh my Gosh! You are so scary” from our parents, and head outside with our friends.

Stories would spread about the little old lady who lived at number 54. “Don’t knock on her door, I knocked last year and I could have sworn I heard someone screaming from inside!” *brrrrrr* freaky.

But, as you reach the end of primary school, childhood suddenly starts to disappear.

Dressing up as Vlademir the vampire isn’t cool anymore, as children hang up their false teeth and witches hats for bottles of wkd and Smirnoff ice.

They start searching online for outfits to copy, usually sultry black cats for girls and blackened vampire eyes for the boys.

These parties only furthe

red when you continued through school, replacing the wkd for for bottles vodka you would share with your friends, in allusive house parties and camp fires on a random field.

And as you get to the ripe old age of 18, that’s when the clubs take over, and the makeup starts to trump the flamboyant outfits which are often replaced by all-black.

For this year, though, no elusive parties or late night clubbing are on the scene.

Nope, because corona has ruined it for everyone, again. *boooo* There’s even speak of not being able to go out and do trick or treating!

But, not all is lost!

As we have found ways to overcome everything else, I’m sure we can, together, find a way to still celebrate this terribly versatile and haunting season!

For us, we’ll be trying out makeup looks and carving pumpkins safely from inside our houses. It’s the ultimate sign of the end of partying days.

So, whether it be put to use in digging out that old outfit you started making before Corona, or going all out and turning into a she-wolf this Halloween, come and show us what you’ve got on Stitcht. We’re here to #bereel for this spooky holiday. Come and do it with us.

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