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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. When we were young, our childhood thrived on the belief of magical reindeer on our roof. When we grow up, though, we realise Christmas for what it’s really about- family. And, as we all congregate around the Christmas tree each year, we realise just how lucky we are. But, naturally, so many families celebrate in such different ways. Some have Christmas shopping rituals, ice skating plans, the obligatory screening of Elf or Narnia on Christmas Eve, or Christmas books read to children as we will them to go to sleep. But, we all share one common theme we wish to retain all year round- togetherness.

Of course, though, many of you won’t know what ‘togetherness’ means this for your family this year. Although we have been made to feel like togetherness must be tangible, it doesn’t need to be.

Even to make someone feel as though they aren’t alone is enough. Just the act of Cindy going up to the Grinch’s ‘lair’ made ‘his heart grow ten times that day’. We've all learnt to adapt so much during the pandemic, even in ways we would never have expected. Being together is to be with somebody, but to feel like you are is enough.

In the spirit of Christmas films, then, and following Cindy’s advice, ‘no one should be alone for Christmas.’ And that is something we believe wholeheartedly.

We’re not saying go and climb up a mountain to go and visit the old, hairy, green dude who lives on the end of the village and never comes out- although that would be nice- but, through zoom calls, calling your relatives who don’t live with you, volunteering at a homeless shelter kitchen over the holidays, or helping the community in any way we can, we can make everyone’s hearts grow as big as the Grinch’s…

and make sure no one is alone on Christmas.

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