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User Generated Video with Star Baker potential

Updated: Apr 29

Last year, we celebrated the beginnings of The Great British Bake Off by starting a competition thread for our users. As the Great British Bake Off #GBBO started again this month, we thought we'd use this opportunity to showcase how much amazing engagement we got and how great it was to see all of their passionate faces!

Doubling up on engagement

Our Stitcht Bake Off thread ran in parallel with the show and each week we ran a competition with a theme. We sent the same thread link out to our community and got them to each add their own bakes. A winner was picked by the community upvoting the bakes they loved the most. For the final we even gave out a load of prizes to the top three star bakers!

Spanning a period of four weeks, with over 45% user engagement rate, we were able to produce extensive amounts of UGV all from this one thread. Our success was a combination of capturing the passion of the existing Bake Off fans to showcase their own skills and to get those more passive viewers to engage too. By involving those who wanted to view but not participate in the thread to upvote the favourite bakes each week, we were able to make them a part of the campaign and therefore double up on our engagement.

This is one example of how we can help your company to engage your audience - we work closely to understand your goals, your audience and brand to set out an engagement strategy that directly appeals to all of your community.

Your audience are real people

What was particularly advantageous about this thread, was that we got to see all of our users in one place. We were able to see the demographics of our community, what appeals to them, and what makes them engage more. It also showed us how willing people are to engage and upload a video, when you're talking about something that is emotive, they're passionate about or hits a nerve.

The more we engage with our community the more we learn about them. Our learnings have made future campaigns more successful, and provided us with the ability to help other companies produce more UGV for their brand.

As well as gaining valuable statistical information, by seeing their faces in video replies, it brought them and us closer together. And, that is what Stitcht aims to do- to make social media more personal, more human. In doing this, the real passion and togetherness of baking was brought to light.

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