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National Student Day- Isolation In Halls?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Students thrown into halls with a flat of people they don’t know? Sound familiar? Well, imagine literally being trapped inside with them and not able to leave because of government restrictions.

This is the reality of thousands of university students across the country who have tested positive for coronavirus.

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on students, and it’s time we talked about it.

For national student day, we are dedicating this post to all of you students who are having to quarantine in their halls. It really does not sound like the ideal student experience.

Harry Ross, a fresher at the university of Kent, has taken to vlogging his 14-day isolation, after his flatmate had tested positive for COVID-19. As we can tell, the boredom is real.

Not only do they have to stay in their flat, but they can’t even be in the vicinity of each-other.

Remember that little box of a room, with awful furniture and a view of the brick wall? Yeah, that’s their home for the next 14 days. We feel for you, guys.  

Harry and his flat have decided to make light of the situation, though, and adopt some inspiring tactics for survival. Currently, they have their doors all open on a permanent basis, and socialising has resorted to shouting down the corridor. Perfect. But, do they sesh? You ask. Of course.

They blast music and drink to games of psych to get to know each-other in the classic drunken fresher style. So, it seems, not all is lost.

That isn’t to say their behaviour doesn’t sometimes verge on alcoholism, though. In the typical student style, we wouldn’t expect anything else. One of our favourite vlogs of his was taken in daylight, featuring him asking if “anyone know(s) how to get the cork out of a bottle?... cos I’m not gunna lie, I think I’ve f***** it.” Shortly after this, he lists the instruments he used in attempt to get it out; it seems neither a shoe, nor a knife, nor a pencil were sufficient. I wonder if he ever got it out to drink it’s contents?

Perhaps, though, some things have changed for the better for these freshers. Being somewhat famous at his university for his vlogging, a plethora of students have turned up outside his room to wish him well. Some have even come with care packages. This has made life in lockdown so much more bearable and uplifting.

It seems the message of the moment is to “be kind to people, folks,” something we can all start to do a little bit more of.

In the spirit of COVID-19, it seems teamwork and community have trickled into the student life, too. And we certainly love to see it. Let’s all spread just a little bit of kindness each day, because, clearly,

a little goes a long way.

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