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Meghan and Harry's Interview

Updated: Apr 29

She’s lying, she’s an actress, she’s been planning this from day one…

Here are just some of the tweets, headlines and day-to-day dialogue that has been pouring irrevocably from the media since the infamous ‘Meghan and Harry interview’ with Oprah. In this honest, frank conversation between a famous US TV host and the royal couple, Meghan opens up about her depressive thoughts whilst being under immense amounts of scrutiny and trolling from the UK press.

It was in the midst of this onslaught of racism and misogyny which Meghan and Harry said enough was enough, deciding to step back from the royal duties that their titles demanded and reside to live without threat.

Opinions of such reclusiveness have been debated and conversed, mainly because some believe it to be full of contradictions. Really, there are so many conversations to be had around the interview; questions around the concerns of Archie’s skin colour, the neglect of Meghan and Harry’s asks for mental health help, and so on. But, no matter how many opinions exist, Meghan was, after all, being real. And the openness to which Meghan talked about her mental health is what the famous #bereel campaign was and still is trying to enable. At the end of the day, this interview raised awareness of mental health, and how anyone and everyone can be affected by it.

The facts of it are that no one is immune to mental suffering, not even the royal family. In fact, it is especially the royal family who are affected; having to give off the exterior that everything is perfect 24/7 has its toll, of course, it does.

So, let’s use these opinions, headlines, conversations, to talk about the most pressing issue here- the degree to which suicidal thought and idealisation are commonplace.

In response to this, and to the #bereal campaign in general, add to the reel we have started about the interview, on a platform that is built on expressing yourself freely in a safe environment. Of course, with all this honest communication comes contradiction. But that’s the thing- we want to hear it. All we can say is, boy, is it going to get controversial…

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