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Let’s be real about Mental Health

Updated: Apr 29

Mental health. It’s a tricky one. No one knows how to be there for friends who are suffering. And, the friends who are suffering don’t know how you can help, either. We’re all left in this odd time continuum where no one knows what to do. Especially over lockdown, this has been such a reality for so many people.

COVID-19 has brought with it so much external pain, of course, but equally as important is the mental strain it has brought on all of us. Being forced indoors, away from our friends and, sometimes, family, the virus has caused widespread isolation.

And it’s definitely taken its toll.

For the millions suffering with problems such as eating disorders, OCD, anxiety and depression, being alone has only made spiralling easier, and support harder to obtain. That’s why, coming out of it, it’s so important to have an online space where we can all connect, and talk, especially if we end up going into another lockdown.

“it’s okay if you’re feeling vulnerable right now, you’ve been through a lot this year”

Here at Sticht, as you may well already know, we’re big on being real. So, today, we’re gunna try and get real with you guys, and start a discussion about how the hell we’re meant to navigate our way around this taboo, hush-hush subject of mental health, and how using our app and adding to this discussion could help you and so many others during this pandemic.

The worst thing about this internal universe we all have going on in our heads, is that it’s just that, in our heads. By this, I mean to say that we all have to endure deafening cacophonies that are, to everybody else, invisible. And that’s why it’s quite so difficult, right? The truth is, we truly have no idea if somebody is struggling.

Truly knowing someone’s mental health is like trying to see through the wall of your sibling’s bedroom- no matter how hard you try, you just can’t.

What we can do, though, is start talking about it. We know support can be hard to vocalise, sometimes, and that’s where we come in.

Sticht allows talking to become easier, and communication more two-way.

Start a reel or join a conversation to let your friends know they are not alone. Seeing your face always means more than a message ever will.

Even if you wish to reach out to more than just your friends, Sticht welcomes everybody.

Every single person is facing some kind of battle no-one knows about

So, imagine what starting a community around this could achieve.

In the spirit of this virus, and in the spirit of what it has brought out in all of us, help remind your loved ones, or yourself, that

there is always, always, somebody there.

Honestly, even the most put-together of people have a whole team of people working behind the scenes.

And that sort of team work is exactly what we’re here to show.

So, let’s all #bereel about mental health, and join the reel that’s waiting for your input…


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