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It's World Kindness Day!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

So, there’s this thing, and it’s called being kind. Have you heard of it? Remember that person who lingered for those few seconds more just to hold the door open for you? What about that guy on the street who was handing out roses to people for no apparent reason other than to make you smile? Those people had no hidden agendas, and no worries about getting to the next place they needed to be. And that’s exactly what we should all encapsulate today, on this wonderful holiday...

because there is always, and I repeat, ALWAYS, time to be kind!

But being kind needn’t just fall on today. Oh no. In fact, it’s message should filter down to every single other day of the year, and every other subsequent year after that.

Has 2020 been the best of years? No, certainly not for everyone, and certainly not for the world as a whole. But, as you know from reading these blog posts (if you haven’t, what have you been doing?), we’re big on being optimistic and upbeat. So, here we are, being optimistic and upbeat...

Yes, we’ve faced our challenges this year- personally and globally- but, what we have gained from it is community.

We have all single-handedly reminded everyone what this world has the capability to be like. And that is kind, compassionate, sharing, loving, and supporting.

So, today, on world kindness day, share a tiny bit of kindness. If you see someone who looks sad, smile at them. If you have a phone call with a friend and they seem down, order them some flowers! If you’re a cheapo like the best of us, though, no money even has to be spent! Actions speak so much louder than wealth. Just go and remind your friends that you love them in something as simple as words.

Trust us, a little goes a long way.

click here to add to our reel where we all share random acts of kindness

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