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It's Time To #Breakthestigma

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

In today’s world, old notions of femininity and masculinity still govern our abilities as people to talk. We are bound by an invisible force that tells our men they are not ‘manly’ enough, not ‘butch’ enough, and not ‘strong’ enough.

As a result of this damaging narrative, men feel like they cannot talk about their health. But, physical or mental, it is integral to talk.

What we cannot change is the way each individual man feels. But, what we can absolutely change is the way this narrative is told. We can, together, create a community where emotion does not deplete what it means to be a man in 2020. Because #mensmentalhealthmatters.

This is where you can all help. So many societies at different universities and schools are holding fundraisers that you can donate or take part in. At the university of Southampton, for example, members of the lacrosse and tennis society are each running 60km in aid of it. That’s 60km for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour. Click on these links to follow their journey and donate:

Physical health and mental health are so often symbiotic, yet men’s mental health is overlooked as a weakness. So, today, this #movember, we recognise that 80% of suicides are male. We recognise every single man who is a victim to the patriarchal stereotyping ingrained in our society.

In terms of physical health, though, every 45 minutes, a man dies from prostate cancer. 4 in 10 of these cases are diagnosed at a late stage. If men felt like they could talk, and were taught that it was okay to, it is undeniable that this statistic would be lower.

But being a voyeurist is simply not enough. Men are dying because of the narrative we have the power to change. It’s time we worked together to redirect it. Why don’t you grow a moustache in aid of men’s health this November, and see how much of a difference you can make? Find out how to do this here:

Alternatively, find out how you can start a challenge of your own:

Whatever you do, share it on Stitcht. Show us your moustaches- floppy, sparse, or barely there- and let's see how they progress!

Share your challenges with us, too! Find out what you and your friends could showcase by following this link:

A moustache used to represent the quintessential gentleman who conformed to all of the old notions of aristocracy and high society that came with being a male. Now, we are using it to represent an abolishment of the very thing it was born to symbolise.

Look how far we have come. And think about how far we can make it. Stand for the men who need support, and #bereel with your emotions this #movember.

It's time to #breakthestigma.

Share with Stitcht how you're doing your part for Movember by downloading the app today:

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