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‘In Flanders Fields…’

Updated: Apr 29

'In Flanders Fields the poppies grow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place…

We shall not sleep tho’ poppies blow

In Flanders Field.'

Whilst these poppies still stand tall on Remembrance Sunday, things will look slightly different in towns across the country. There will be no mass gathering in commemoration of the fallen, no members of town clubs placing a reef around the war memorial, and no last post played.

However, although Coronavirus has taken so much from us, it hasn’t taken our ability to stand together as a nation.

So, this Remembrance Sunday, we are asked to still pause for the two-minute silence at 11am, but with a twist. What the British Legion are asking us to do, is stand on our doorsteps and remember those who fought. You can download a poppy for the armed forces community, and place it in display in your window here.

Despite there being no marches held through the cobbled streets of hometowns, or the marked pavements of cities, a National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph will still take place. It will be a closed ceremony, broadcasted on BBC Once from 10:15am.

Tune in and show your support. Or, do it with us on Stitcht. We have a recital of the Flanders Fields poem up on our Remembrance Sunday reel right now, and we encourage every single one of you to add to it and stand for the people who...

‘loved and were loved- but now… lie in Flanders Field’.

It is so important to teach this tradition to the next generation. And, what a better time to bring every person, from every age and background, together, than today. This is the very inclusivity that Stitcht is built on, so come and join in with us today, because, together…

We will remember them.

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