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How to Build a Community Online and Set it Alight

Every brand has a community, whether hidden behind multiple computer screens in numerous countries or not. The thing every business needs to do is bring them out. And, believe us, it is possible. So whether you're a UGC-based company or not at all dabbled in that field, here are some tips on how to build yourself a community and set it alight.

1) Set your goals.

Firstly, does your community know what it's there for? People won't join if they do not understand the purpose and what they give to other members.

With Fastic, we worked with them to bring out their community, promoting the idea that they could all provide real experiences rather than a computer-generated Facebook promotion post.

Fastic's community existed to help other members and spur them on in their intermittent fasting journey. Like them, your business needs a goal too.

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

1) Know where to engage them.

Right, so you have a community that has things to say. Organized. But where can they say it? Secondly, you as a business need to find a roof on which to place over them. A social platform they can all exist and voice in. You may want to use WhatsApp if you've got a small group of people who want to chat. However, if you have more people with more to say, consider something more suited. Like with Fastic, whose community comprised people with opinions, they opted for Stitcht to share it.

Next involves sending out tasks and challenges that suit your community. Ok, so you've gotten to know them, and they have their purpose set straight, but now they need the stuff to do that they're going to respond to. So with these, promote them using your chosen social platform. And track them. Track the sign-up rate, follow the engagement rate, track the click-through rate. What do most people respond to?

Let's set it alight. Keep posting the things that create the most engagement. But, most of all,

let your community speak for themselves.

If you do this, it will allow them to promote your brand. Highlight and place in the spotlight those success stories that work to show your brand off.

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

Overall, you can follow so many tips to make sure your community shines through and remains burning—track, track, track. And, most of all, listen to your community.

If you are interested in collaborating with Stitcht as a social platform for your community, get in touch.

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