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Global Dignity Day- What Is It All About?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Dignity. The word your mum reminds you of before you head on a night out in the town. “Pull that top up, put something over that, have some dignity, darling, come on.”

Today, though, dignity means something different.

On #GlobalDignityDay, we are encouraged to empower people. We are told to recognise the equal worth of others, and not put them down.

Building a community around this love for others is with the intention to create cultures of dignity in schools and workplaces.

Then, and only then, can we achieve a society that is more open and just.

The history behind this wonderful concept actually began by three young global leaders at the 2006 World Economic Forum. It all started by answering a question:

Q- “what is the root cause behind the rampant violence, intolerance and injustice in our world?”

A- “the lack of real understanding of the concept of dignity- every person’s equal value”

*DING DING DING DING* correct answer. But how did the world help spread it?

It made us ask questions. Why don’t we know this already? Why don’t we know to be kind to others?

As a result of this dumbfound curiosity, Global Dignity Day was born in 2009, starting with a small workshop

of 30 people in Switzerland.

Join in and help us change the narrative.

There are plenty of options to help spread the message:

1. Host a Global Dignity Day event

2. Integrate the dignity principles in daily life

3. Choose to add these principles to your lesson plan, or the school curriculum

4. become a Country Chair or partner organisation

5. Join the affiliates programme

Alternatively, spread a bit of equality with us, on Stitcht. If you know us, you’ll know we’re big on making every voice heard. We want to listen.

Today, we celebrate what unites us.

‘Everyone, everywhere is invited to look beyond what divides us and recognise the dignity and humanity we share’

So, come and tell us what we all share on this wonderful planet we all call home.

Let’s stop only noticing what sets us apart, and start building better, more united communities. let’s #getreel.

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