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Did Somebody Say Pub?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The time has finally arrived. The pubs are open. In the official first week back, so many people have dealt with the drop in restrictions in different ways.

Was it just us, or have you heard of people going to a new pub every night since the 12th? Of course, in the student area, everyone has been buzzing to meet up with their friends. But student meeting up isn’t meeting up unless alcohol is involved. For Southampton students we spoke to who went to pubs consecutive nights in a row, most are reveling in the freedom, but at its cost.

You see, when people are told not to do things and, in the case of COVID-19, actually banned from doing these things, it tends to make the need more intense. So, for our hungover freshers, bored second-years, or ‘stuff the dissertation I want a good last year’ third years, the pints and rounds of shots have been over-done. As we make our way into the second week back where pubs are, once again, used as a ‘drink to forget’ mechanism, students could do without it. But long live the sesh, are we right?

For the sensible adults sat around the table (literally sat around the picnic benches in beer gardens), you’ve been able to enjoy a nice cold pint at the end of a day. Or meet up with colleagues you haven’t been able to see face-to-face. Something hits different sitting and chatting with a drink instead of walking around the same park or wine o clock facetime.

How about those of you who like to keep pubs an occasion thing? We support you. Being able to have the option is enough, honestly. So, if you were lucky enough to have a birthday past the 12th, where did you go? And who were the random five people you chose to take with you? Just the mere thought of being able to dress up and put on a nice clean, pressed shirt, or a floaty dress that makes you feel pretty again after months of only-the-top-half-dressed interviews and cups of coffee on the sofa, we understand you.

Wherever you went this week, and however frequently, let us know on Stitcht. Add to our ‘how many times have been to the pub’ reel. And remember, there is no shame. #bereel #pubsreopening #pubs #april12th #publife #supportlocal #beerlover #stayalert #staysafe

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