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Come And Tell Us a Story...

Updated: Apr 29

Remember that end of chapter line you read once that made you think to yourself- wow, I’m not much of a book person, but that’s totally staying with me forever? And what about the last sentence that links back to the beginning. That was better than life itself, wasn't it?

Whether it be plot twists, romance meta-narratives, or crime scares, the power within literature is undoubtable. Such is reinforced by Albus Dumbledore himself, when he explains words as 'our most inexhaustible source of magic’.

Yes, words are great when you read them in your head. Of course. But, do you remember being read the ending of ‘Of Mice and Men’ in GCSE English, and practically gasping in the corner of your classroom when Lennie is shot? (Sorry if that was a spoiler, but, come on, if you haven't read it by now, who even are you?)

How many of you have been to a book reading- yeah, like the ones you see in American movies- and completely heard the book in a new light? What about being read books in primary school for story time, or by your parents as a child? Do you remember how the words used to conjure entire fantasy worlds in your mind while they were reading?

Well, this week, we both implore and give you absolute, no-shame permission to re-awaken this fantasy world of words. Get someone to read aloud to you, or try listening to a reading online. There's been so many during lockdown.

But, if you have a story you want to tell instead of one you want to hear, even better! Although COVID has put a temporary end to open mic nights for creative writing, why not add to the reel and share something you have written?

We’ve kick started it with a recital from Atwood’s novel, The Testaments. Gemma's borderline obsession with this book is about as embarrassing as it gets. We dare you, try and top it.

Whether you're reading, listening, or just laughing at your friends, come and join in with National Storytelling Week at Stitcht, and become a part of this wonderful community.

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