Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reel?
We've invented reels as a great new way to interact with your friends and followers. Stitcht is about creating a sociable environment to have meaningful engagement with people online.
For example, you can ask questions to your followers and they reply with a video; you could start a challenge and see everyones attempt to complete it; or just capture a moment shared with all of your friends like a roadtrip or an event.
How do I create a reel?
Start a reel by clicking the          button on your home page.  Choose to start a reel by recording a video or uploading one from your library.
How do people find and contribute to my reels?
When creating your reel, you'll be able to choose the privacy setting.  
  • Private - only you and people you invite can contribute to these
  • Open - anyone following you can contribute
  • Public - anyone on Stitcht can contribute 
How do I invite users not on Stitcht?
In your reel select the reel name or Options icon (looks like this ... ) and then choose a method to invite your friends.
4a. Reel - Player Liked.png
5g. Create Reel - Invite Friends MVP.png

Choose how you'd like to invite your friend to a reel.

Any of these options will result in a link to your reel being shared.  Choose where you'd like to share it.

Anyone clicking the link will be able to add to your reel.

How can I add filters and text to my videos?
We've not yet built these features but you can download videos you've created on Instagram, Tik Toc, Snap Chat and anywhere else.  Then you simply add the video from your library.
Photos icon.png
4a. Reel - Player Add Clip.png
How do I change my password?
Go to the Settings button from the home page to change your password.
1b. Home - Alton Towers.png

Your password can be changed in the settings page

Stitcht doesn't seem to be working - where can I get help?
Please send us details of any problems you're experiencing using our feedback form
Can I get Stitcht for Android?
Stitcht for Android isn't available at the moment – if you'd like to get Stitcht for Android then get in touch by sending us a feedback form.
Can I get Stitcht on my desktop?
Stitcht isn't available for desktop yet – if you'd like to get Stitcht on your desktop then get in touch by sending us a feedback form.