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We understand that authentic user-generated video content is a relatively new concept, so we've put together this FAQ article to get you started on your Stitcht journey.

  • What is User Generated Content (UGC)?
    UGC stands for User Generated Content, its content created by your customers, including quotes, videos, pictures or audio. These testimonials often review or give opinions on a product or service, and have become very sought after by lots of companies as it is a way to make a brand appear more human. We focus on video only and the content we produce features real people and not creators or influencers.
  • Why do I need UGC when I could pay for an actor?
    UGC is successful in bringing in more customers as people are more likely to believe other people talking about a brand rather than the brand themselves. Because of this, the more natural the videos are, the more users will trust it. This humanisation builds the trustworthiness of the brand and in turn increases sales.
  • Hoes does Stitcht work?
    By a combination of unique methodology and technology. We get to understand your audience and brand messaging. Then design one or more questions or topics we host on our own platform - we call the threads. These threads are then promoted to your customers and the wider public. Real people upload video replies and we turn merge them with branded content to turn them into video assets containing UGC for organic or paid channels.
  • How much do the Stitcht team do for us?
    Stitcht provides a personalised and tailored approach to the collection of UGC. We work with brands to do a deep dive into their brand messages and target audience, creating thread ideas which best suit the core of the brand and what it is trying to achieve. Stitcht generate the thread ideas, launch the thread, write the social posts and speech for the intro video, moderate the thread once it is live, download and upload all user videos into a shared folder, and provide weekly reporting of analytics. Using our creative digital team we then turn replies into video assets that you can use for organic or paid marketing in any channel.
  • How do UGC videos get uploaded?
    The thread URL will be promoted to your customers and depending on the campaign also the general public. Once the person clicks on the thread URL they'll see the video introduction, replies from other people and be encouraged to upload a reply. The upload process is two steps 1) upload/record your video 2) submit some personal details
  • How long does it take for people to upload their videos?
    The process of uploading a video to a thread is quick and easy. Once the user has clicked on the ‘upload your reply’ button, they are brought to a page where they can upload their video. No sign up is required, just a filling in of name, email, and optionally provide any social handles.
  • How long can video replies be?
    We do not restrict the user on how long their video can be. We'll find the golden moments in the content if it is lengthy.
  • Who screens the quality of the videos?
    The Stitcht platform has an automated system to screen out any improper videos that may be uploaded to your thread, including nudity or swearing. As an extra precaution, one of the members of our team are at hand to check each video as soon as it comes in, providing an automatic and manual service to ensure the maximum quality of video.
  • Which channels do I promote my thread on?
    As part of onboarding we'll get to understand all of the touchpoints you have with your audience. A thread is hosted on a URL accessible on any device. We'll design a promotion strategy based on your own touchpoints. Common ones include, social sharing, email marketing and in app messaging. We also look for opportunities to build threads into your automation so that you can be capturing replies all year round.
  • Do I have access to all of the videos?
    As part of your package you'll receive a fixed amount of final video assets where UGC is embedded within it. If you want access to all videos received on a thread you can request it.
  • Do I have the permission to use the videos for marketing?
    Yes. By your users submitting a video to Stitcht, they have granted permission for us to use, modify, publish, transmit, and distribute it. Henceforth, we can send you the videos and you will be free to use them in your advertising campaigns. For more information on the moral side of things, visit our blog.
  • How do you deal with customer data?
    We store customer data on our servers and when necessary we'll provide customer information to you (the client) for purposes such as contacting the customer, tagging them in social posts etc.
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