Humanise your marketing.

a more engaging way for you to connect with your audience and create sense of belonging.

Connect with your audience in a more human way.

At Stitcht, our aim is to truly humanise your marketing, whether it's reviews, events, employer brand or topical discussions.

We want to unlock a more engaging way for you to connect with your audience, but for your audience to connect back too! 


Let us help you to build a community out of your audience.


"The percentage of marketers that agree consumers trust content created by customers more than content created by brands. People trust people." State of UGC 2021 Report


Getting started.

Through the power of video, Stitcht puts your brand in the driving seat for engaging your audience and gathering video user generated content (UGC).

Record your video, share your reel and get replies, easy.

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We’ll do the hard work of managing access rights, moderating content and making your UGC available to publish across any of your social channels.