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How Flora amplified their Be a Natural campaign using User-Generated Content


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The Brief.

The objective of this campaign was to AMPLIFY the Flora ‘Be A Natural’ message by encouraging the public to participate in the challenges and upload their own kitchen trick shot as seen in the TV ad. These UGC videos could then be published on digital channels to further amplify the campaign.

What we did.

Stitcht designed a thread that could be promoted on the Flora home page, campaign page and social channels to encourage the public to submit their kitchen trick shot.

We audited the Flora channels to find those followers and customers who were already invested in the brand and directly messaged them to promote the challenge.

Once replies started coming in we quickly jumped on the great ones pushing them back into Flora's social channels to drive further engagement and amplify the campaign message.

On our advice Flora revived their Twitter account and allowed us to start utilising that channel for further social engagements.

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