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How Fastic grew their video content bank while reducing their acquisition cost


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The Brief.

Fastic is an intermittent fasting application that encourages holistic health and weight loss personalised to the World’s Largest Fasting Community. They brought us on to help unlock new consumers’ stigma around fasting when considering health and wellness. With the aim of utilising the Fastic Family to share testimonials and experiences that could be reused as User-Generated Content (UGC) videos to drive engagement and customer acquisition improvements.

What we did.

We explored the challenges that Fastic had in their funnel, such as there being misconceptions around what intermittent fasting (IF) is and what benefits it can have for you. Many come to IF for a weight loss solution, but this is no quick win - it's a lifestyle change.

We designed a series of questions that helped get real customers of Fastic dispelling these misconceptions and talking about the first benefits they received and why the love using Fastic to fast.

Our content delivered the highest performing ad ever for Fastic and went against the grain of what they thought performance marketing was - nobody expected a lady in her late 50s talking honestly for a minute about her experiences to be such a best performer... but that's what people respond to - genuine opinions from real customers.

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