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Intermittent Fasting App

>1000 Replies
50% Lower CPA
125% Better CPA


Fastic help their community of 15 million users to intermittent fast using an app.
Stitcht helped Fastic receive testimonials and community-building UGC, which now makes up 40% of all their ad content. They run threads in English, German and Spanish.

In recent years, it has become apparent that brands need UGC in order to sell a service. It can provide the lift needed on any social media campaign or page to make it known to potential consumers. With over 92% of an audience preferring this user generated content over the brand’s advertisements, UGC is not only the modern way to advertise but has also become essential in appealing and talking to an audience. If you make it relevant to the viewer, relatable, and shareable, it only makes sense that brands everywhere are looking to produce more of it.

This was the case with Fastic, who are an intermittent fasting app running on social media posts that were brand created. Although case studies were being posted on their social media, the words and posts were written solely by the brand. This meant that Fastic’s consumers were limited to the extent they could trust in and rely on the app.

This is why Fastic came to Stitcht- to help them produce authentic content produced by their consumers that they could produce into advertisements on their socials. Together, we held a Stitcht ideation session to get to know their brand and agree on two questions to send out to their community. We created an engagement plan alongside this on which social media platforms to promote the threads and when. We believed that getting members of the Fastic team to appear on the screen would increase the engagement the videos would receive, as the audience would be seeing the real people behind the app.

With the relatability of real people asking the Fastic community these questions, they received over 80% engagement. In their first month (three videos) Fastic received an average of 290 user videos stating why they loved using the app, their expectations vs reality of fasting, and how it has changed their lives. As a consequence, Fastic were in a better position to promote the brand with the messages they wanted to.

Fastic then used a select number of these user generated videos to create a quick, snappy advert for their instagram page. They highlighted parts of 7 of their community’s videos and the reasons why they love using the app in order to demonstrate why real members of the Fastic community use it.

What UGV has enabled for Fastic is the ability to show their potential users the variety of people (genders, ages, races) that use the app, to demonstrate it's versatility. On one advert, they honed in on one of their users who went against the grain for a ‘successful’ advert; a longer video, an older user, yet received over 7,000 views and many comments from other users. What Stitcht has generated is social proof, for anyone who clicks onto Fastic’s page, that the app works and is used by many.

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