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a unique way to interact with your customers to achieve valuable engagement



invite attendees to add videos of their experiences at your events


see your customers experiences, hear their thoughts on your event


create promotional videos co-created with attendees

behind the scenes

keep your followers engaged with backstage insights 


 your events from every 

creating engaging video content doesn't have to be difficult

a unique way to rapidly create engaging video content

for your teams and customers


a single place for your teams or followers to add video content

quickest way to create content


create content that can be curated and shared live during events

effortless editing


quickly and easily stitch clips together to create engaging videos

understand your audience​

enhanced customer insight as they contribute videos to your stories

stay connected with your teams

and create engaging content with them

connect your teams to

create engaging video content


with your teams 


them to add videos


videos together


them anywhere

videos uploaded by team members can be stitched together to create awesome marketing material, project updates, capture an event or keep in touch

contact us today to find out how Stitcht can empower your brand

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